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Meditation Workshop

Meditation 101 Workshop: Discovering Your Hidden Superpower

Join us on Thursday, April 12th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic!

Are you giving yourself the time and space you need to slow things down.. to center yourself.. to feel grounded and connected?

Curious about learning how to use meditation as a tool to calm down your mind and balance your body?

Come join Shannon Keating in this experiential meditation 101 workshop!

During the hour, Shannon will:

  • Guide you through an intention setting practice
  • Debunk the most common “meditation myths”
  • Walk you through, step-by-step, how to start a SUCCESSFUL meditation practice
  • Teach you 3 different beginner-friendly meditation techniques
  • Lead you in a powerful 10-minute guided meditation
  • Give you individualized tips / strategies for customizing your personal meditation practice

Encouraged that you bring:

  1. A journal to jot down some notes
  2. A pillow or meditation cushion (if you have one)

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About Shannon:

shannonShannon Keating is a Transformational Life Coach guiding women towards accessing their inner empowerment. Through her global coaching programs, one-to-one mentorship, online courses, and live workshops she supports her clients through the mental and emotional barriers blocking them from connecting with their bodies and achieving the deep self love they desire.

Connect with Shannon further and receive free meditations and trainings in her online community, Unmasked Women. Follow her daily wisdom and inspiration on Instagram (@shannonkeating). Learn more about her courses and coaching programs on her website:

Love to you,


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