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Chiropractic for Vertigo: Everything You Need to Know

Vertigo, which can occur as a result of pressure irregularities in the inner ear leading to dizziness and an unbalanced feeling, isn’t something that should be a constant in your life. At Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we want to help—and we can do so naturally with chiropractic care.

Here’s how chiropractic care can help address your vertigo.

1 – A chiropractic adjustment is designed to restore balance to your body—this means that signals can flow freely between your spinal cord, brain, nervous system and other organs. If a subluxation is occurring in your spine, your nervous system can’t relay signals as it was designed too. When this happens, inconsistencies can occur in the form of dis-ease, like vertigo.

2 – Chiropractic adjustments help to normalize pressure in the head—and abnormal pressure is a common cause of vertigo. When you normalize conditions around the upper cervical spine (a very delicate and sensitive area), proper function is returned.

3 – Chiropractic is a natural option that doesn’t require the need for medication. And while it may be a last option for some people, we know it can help you. If you haven’t responded to other treatments for your vertigo, consider giving an adjustment a try.

If you or a loved one is dealing with vertigo, we want to help.

Contact our practice today and book an appointment—you’ll be glad you did!

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